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    custom reporting with mbeddr

    Introduction As some of you might already know I have worked on an Arduino extension for mbeddr. Because such system run headless you can't just use printf for displaying messages. These systems usually ship with a serial or USB port which can be used to communicate with the world. There

    moving on

    As some of you might have noticed there where some recent changes in my professional life. I am really happy to announce that I am now working for Itemis, the company behind mbeddr, as a team member of the mbeddr team. Markus already mentioned this on the mbeddr blog. This

    Building mbeddr projects with ant

    This post is about setting up ant to build an mbeddr project. It enables you to do continues integration builds or other automated build scenarios. I assume that you have already installed mbeddr. If you haven't, you should follow the instructions in the mbeddr user guide or this tutorial. It


    Today a gave a little talk about my spare time project 'mbeddr.arduino'. I gave brief overview what's the goal and it current state. The slides can be found here.

    Forcing a HttpWebRequest to IPv6

    In my current project I have a use case where I want to connect to a HTTP server via IPv6, but the client and server also have IPv4 connectivity. Which leads to the problem that the .Net framework chooses the IPv4 address over the IPv6 address. I could enable round