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    Thoughts about Software Development and other stuff.

    Home data (part 0)

    This is the first post in a series of posts about my current side project. I wondered what to do with all the Arduinos, ESP8266s and a RaspberryPi that were floating around in my desks drawer. So I decided to use them to put lots of sensors in- and outside


    On Friday I gave a about two hours long introduction to F# to my colleagues at itemis Stuttgart. The talk starts with a overview over F# and then dives into the features of the language. It also covers some of the meta programming capability that F# offers. Most of the


    I haven't blogged for quite a while now. This was due two reasons, first I didn't have that much time (read motivation) and second my old Octopress setup was horribly broken. But this weekend I choose to change this. I looked a round on the web which the new shiny

    java extensions 101 with MPS

    In the past years I have done lots of work in C# and recently came back to work with Java because I am now working in a project that involves MPS. The Meta Programming System from JetBrains. Which is a language workbench with a projectional editor. I got quite used